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Dividing Property Fairly During a Divorce

Dividing property during a divorce can be a contentious and emotional process, but it does not have to be. Our lawyers offer a tailored, comprehensive approach to help you identify your assets and take the proper steps to handle property division with ease and protect the rights of our clients.

Pennsylvania law recognizes the equitable division of marital assets. A common misconception is that marital property and debts will be divided in half. Equitable division involves a different, global approach to determine what is equitable given the specific circumstances of your marriage.

Our firm understand that it can be complicated to identify assets considering how many fall under the definition of a “marital estate.” Bank accounts, retirement and savings accounts, real estate, vacation homes, oil and gas rights and cars are all considered common assets in a property division case.

Our Property Division Services

Our firm addresses property division concerns involving:

  • Finding hidden assets. This is a common occurrence in high net worth divorce cases. Our attorneys know how to uncover assets and can team up with other financial professionals to find hidden investments.
  • Debt division. Mid-level and high net worth divorce often involve equitably resolving who will be responsible for medical bills, credit card debt, personal loans, and other liabilities that came up during the marriage regardless of which spouse incurred the debt.
  • Tax considerations. The tax implications of investments can vary greatly. Large capital gains may dilute the true worth of an investment.

How Is Property Division Calculated?

Pennsylvania law examines 11 factors when equitably dividing the marital property between the parties. Some of these factors to be examined are the length of the marriage, age of each spouse, each spouse’s incomes, educational background of each spouse, the contribution of each party to the marriage and, in cases involving child(ren), who will have primary custody of the child(ren) are all important considerations in determining the equitable division of property.

Types of Property in PA

Property in Pennsylvania is broken down into marital property and non-marital property. Any assets and property acquired during the marriage is considered marital property and any property acquired before or after the marriage is defined as non-marital property.

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Before you try to resolve your marital issues on your own, consider hiring an experienced lawyer to learn more about how you can protect your rights and interests. Property valuations and equitable distribution are not always easy to determine. Additionally, in the event of a contested divorce, these issues will be disputed. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skills to guide you through this transition.

Reach out today or call us at (412) 693-6681 to book an initial consultation with a property division lawyer. 

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