High Net Worth Divorce

Pittsburgh High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

When working through a high net worth divorce, it is imperative that you hire an attorney who understands the challenges and processes of settling this type of divorce. As substantial assets are involved in a dissolution, it is critical that your lawyer has the knowledge and skills to protect your financial interests.

When you consult with our divorce attorneys, we will analyze your unique situation and devise a plan to address your financial concerns. It is crucial to seek support early in the process of divorce before you take any actions in order to better safeguard your future. We are happy to help set you up for success.

What Is Addressed in a High Net Worth Divorce?

A wide variety of assets and considerations arise in a high net worth divorce. These types of divorces typically address the division of:

  • Real estate holdings
  • Primary and secondary residences
  • Business valuations
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Investments
  • Pensions, 401(k)s, and other retirement accounts
  • Artwork, jewelry, and other valuables

Common High Net Worth Divorce Disputes

High net worth divorce disputes are common considering the assets involved. Some of the typical disputes that arise during this type of divorce include:

  • Calculating spousal support
  • Determining child support
  • Division of property and assets
  • Valuation and division of business interests
  • Tax implications
  • Hidden assets

How a High Net Worth Divorce Is Different from Other Divorces

High net worth divorces can be more complex due to the amount of assets involved. As such, the discovery and negotiation processes might draw out longer. There is a higher risk that more disputes will be brought up as well. In the event these issues cannot be resolved within a reasonable amount of time, a couple will face additional lawyer fees and court fees if the case goes to trial. Additionally, child support and spousal support might be calculated differently.

Real Estate in a High-Net-Worth Divorce

Divorces in Pennsylvania are governed by state equitable distribution laws, regardless of income level. In high net worth divorces, the court will still require a fair and equitable division of marital assets. The goal of property division is to ensure each spouse leaves the marriage with an equitable share of the assets built together during the marriage. Property division can be complicated in a high net worth divorce because couples typically have more than two properties. Some of the properties may serve as vocational properties, second homes, or investments. Once a wealthy couple with significant assets is sure they are headed for divorce, it’s important to hire an experienced high-net-worth divorce attorney with experience analyzing complex real estate portfolios.

Protect Your Interests

Our attorneys have years of experience assisting couples with their high net worth divorces. We know how to ask the right questions, analyze details, and protect your rights when it comes to equitable asset and property division. We also partner with forensic accountants, business valuation professionals, and other professionals to ensure we can live up to this promise.

Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements and High-Net-Worth Divorce

Once you’ve saved, invested, and worked hard to build a successful life, a marriage could jeopardize your financial stability if you were to divorce without legal protections in place. While you would not enter a marriage with divorce as a goal, the reality is many marriages do not last – even with the best intentions. Our attorneys can help you put a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place to provide safeguards for both you and your spouse.

Experience Matters: Consult with Us Today

With more assets to divide, high net worth divorces can get rather complicated. If your divorce will be one of high net worth, consult with our experienced lawyers. Divorce is already stressful enough, so let us help you take care of the financial and legal aspects.

Reach out online today or call us at (412) 693-6681 for support with your high net worth divorce.

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