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Every aspect of a divorce can involve difficult issues and create emotional strife. However, when a parent divorces his or her spouse, child custody and visitation can take center stage. Our child custody attorneys understand that divorcing parents frequently disagree on whether and how various custody and visitation arrangements will serve the best interests of the child. Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys have the experience to get you the agreement that you are entitled to.

Every divorce case involving children is unique and that is why it is is very important to speak with an experienced Pittsburgh divorce attorney about your specific situation. The Pittsburgh divorce attorneys At Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group have experience dealing with some of the most complex divorce cases in Pittsburgh and across The State of Pennsylvania. Our Pittsburgh divorce lawyers are very sensitive to the needs of your children and we have handled some of the most complex divorce cases in Pittsburgh that have involved children and divorce custody issues. 

Pennsylvania Law Addresses Two Forms Of Child Custody: Legal Custody And Physical Custody

 Legal Custody

Legal custody involves who will have the authority to make important decisions concerning the child, such as the child's education, health care, religion and more. In many cases both parents will share legal custody but in some situations due to special circumstances it may be best for the children that one parent maintains what is called sole legal custody. This is something you can discuss more in depth with one of our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys.

 Physical Custody

Physical custody governs where the child will live. The courts decide child custody disputes with clear emphasis on the best interests of the child. Custody and visitation issues involve many nuances, and it is vital for any parent to have a knowledgeable attorney on his or her side throughout the process. Once again depending on the specifics of the situation parents may have shared physical custody with equal time spent with the child, primary physical custody with one parent spending significantly more time with the child or one parent may have sole physical custody where the child will be living with one parent.

Our Pittsburgh custody attorneys are here to provide Sound, Experienced Guidance For Resolving Pennsylvania Child Visitation And Custody Rights.

Our Pittsburgh divorce lawyers understand how emotionally taxing it is to create a parenting plan. She has more than a decade of experience helping individuals in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities make informed decisions about custody and parenting plans and in seeking the best possible outcome. She is an effective negotiator and a relentless trial lawyer. Our Pittsburgh divorce Attorneys extensive family law background includes effective representation in Native American custody cases.

If a dispute is dominating your divorce process, Heather Schmidt Bresnahan will understand the importance of this disagreement to you. Her and her team of experienced Pittsburgh divorce lawyers know how to protect your rights.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania courts strive to issue shared child custody orders that keep both parents closely involved in the children's lives. When shared custody is in dispute, we will vigorously investigate the facts and zealously advocate to protect your child's interests and your parental rights. Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys understand that your child or children are the most important people in your life and we have a vast amount of experience dealing with Pittsburgh divorce cases involving children.

Pittsburgh Divorce and Custody Lawyers

When you schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh divorce lawyer, you will meet face-to-face with one of the top Pittsburgh divorce attorneys to discuss the circumstances surrounding the dispute. Our Pittsburgh divorce attorney knows that it is vital that she understand the whole picture. No detail is too small to leave unexplored when it comes to protecting the interests. Your divorce attorney will explain the nuances of the law to help you decide what options you have and help you through this difficult time.

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The Pittsburgh divorce attorneys of Heather Schmidt Bresnahan work very closely with their clients. Beginning with your initial consultation, they will listen intently to your concerns to tailor the legal strategy to achieve your goals and interests. Our family law firm has extensive experience representing individuals in complex, high-asset divorce cases, as well as advocating for clients with more modest means. Ms. Bresnahan’s exceptional skills in negotiation are backed by her reputation as a formidable advocate in trial.

 When you retain our team of Pittsburgh divorce attorneys, you will benefit from our Pittsburgh divorce attorney's in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania family law. The Pittsburgh divorce law firm’s approach to family law involves comprehensive representation and sound legal advice, backed by financial savvy, creative planning, and strong advocacy to protect your interests. Every client has a very unique situation, and the Pittsburgh divorce attorneys at The Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group are able to customize client representation to help get you what you want throughout the divorce process. Our Pittsburgh divorce lawyers represent a wide sample of clients, including many high-profile Pittsburgh divorce clients. With all of our cases and clients, discretion is of extreme importance.

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Pittsburgh Divorce Options

Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys are here to fight for your interests during this time of overwhelming uncertainties for your family. For many individuals who are going through a divorce, it is a time when they need careful guidance and strength to navigate the troubling waters of Pennsylvania family law. There are many decisions that couples face during the divorce process, and the Pittsburgh divorce lawyers of Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group can assist you in your legal direction. Our Pittsburgh divorce lawyers understand that the decisions made during this time will impact the rest of your life. Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys have the experience to guide you in the right direction to ensure you receive the outcome your desire.

Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys understand that the conclusion of a marriage can be very stressful, and some people are blindsided by the breakdown of the relationship far before the decision to move forward with divorce. In other Divorce cases, both spouses may mutually agree to a separation. In any difficult legal situation involving family matters, the decisions that have to be made throughout the Pennsylvania divorce process are numerous. If you are facing separation and/or divorce in Pittsburgh or anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania, it is important that you have a knowledgeable and experienced Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney on your side fighting for you. Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys are ready to fight for you and the rights of your children.

Our Pittsburgh divorce law firm will guide you through the decisions in complex matters and help you overcome the emotional barriers to obtain the most favorable outcomes in your divorce matter. It is important that during this time of uncertainty you have an informed team of lawyers that are able to assist in making the decisions which are best for you. The divorce attorneys of Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group are knowledgeable and compassionate and able to guide clients through this very emotional time.

Pittsburgh Divorce Attorneys

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The Pittsburgh divorce attorneys of Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group have extensive experience in obtaining favorable results for clients in all aspects of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania divorce proceedings, including:


Child Custody and Visitation                                               

Prenuptial Agreements

Child Support                                                                     

Postnuptial Agreements

Spousal Support and Alimony                                               

Contested Divorce                

Complex High Net Asset Support Issues                              

Property Division



In Pennsylvania there are three types of divorce:

Mutual Divorce:

Mutual Divorce is a no-fault divorce and is one of the most common divorce situation. Mutual divorce is when all parties come to agreements over a ninety day time frame. The divorce attorney acts as a divorce mediator between the two individuals during the division of assets and until the divorce is final.

 Two-Year Separation Divorce:

Two-Year Separation is also a no-fault divorce. If one of the individuals declines to sign an affidavit agreeing to the divorce, the other individual has the option to wait until the parties have been separated for the term of two years.  After the two years the individual who wanted the divorce can sigh the affidavit stating that he or she wants a divorce after 2 years of separation due to irreconcilable differences.

 Fault Divorce:

The plaintiff must be able to prove at a hearing that the plaintiff is completely innocent of any wrongdoing and that the defendant is the one at fault — such as substantiating that the defendant committed acts of adultery, endangered the plaintiff's life, abandoned the plaintiff for at least one years time, has been sentenced to imprisonment for at least two years, or has "offered indignities to", (which basically means mistreated), the plaintiff.

Whether you are planning to file for divorce or have already been served with divorce papers, call Heather Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group in Pittsburgh at 412-339-0000 or complete the online form.